We are thrilled beyond belief to announce that the dust from the beta testing has finally settled and the electrons have all aligned and started to flow through the mighty veins Melodic Revolution Radio, that’s right the station is officially up and running full tilt.

Have you ever wondered what happened to radio stations that played music for the sake of the music, and not because it was the flavor of the day? We did too… so we changed the soundscape.

What makes us different from FM Radio or even most Internet Radio?

For starters, MRR built a station for the ultimate music experience, for the type of fan that is open-minded. The type of station one would have listened to when music was treated equally and was not falsely discriminated against style or genre.

If this appeals to you or intrigues you, then please give us one hour and we will prove to you that good music still exist, whether you like classic rock, ambient, instrumental prog, pop or hard rock, and  MRR will live up to that promise playing only the finest music, from not only our catalog but also many other amazing bands.

Thank you for giving Melodic Revolution Radio a spin and sharing us with your friends.

Download our Radio App for both Apple & Android Phones and products.


Stream us on the web via,
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Also, listen on these home devices.
| Amazon Echo | Apple TV | Bose SoundTouch | Roku |Samsung TV | Sonos | Xbox |

Thanks to last.fm for providing band bio’s, + special thanks to Nobex Technologies for these amazing Apps.