The web stream of Melodic Revolution Radio is top notch! Hi-fi stream! I’ve truly enjoyed listening to all of the artists the station has curated and it’s quite the surprise when one of my songs pops up. Great job Nick Katona and thanks again for adding my music.
John Orr Franklin Music 

Being a progressive music fan, a recording artist and an all-around busy guy, Melodic Revolution Radio is awesome! Great Music Selection, Plus Great sound quality while playing non-stop great classics and introducing me to endless new music. Keep up the great work!! Keep the music flowing…….
– Robert Schindler aka Robeone

Once again Melodic Revolution Records is going where no label has yet gone before. They now present to you Melodic Revolution Radio. Here you, ‘The Listener’ get a vast sample of what this record label has to offer. Whether it is progressive rock, psychedelic rock, progressive metal, trip hop, modern metal, etc. There is a little bit here for everyone’s musical tastes.

Where most record labels depend on their artists to come up with a lyric video, regular scripted video or brief video trailers. Melodic Revolution Records has much of their library on an online radio station. You as ‘The Listener’ get to paint your own images and create your own characters on the movie screen that is the ‘Theater Of The Mind’.

Whether you are at work, at home or on the go Melodic Revolution Radio meets those needs with both a pop-out player and app for most devices. Come and see the ‘Next Evolution’ in the Melodic Revolution Records growth, Melodic Revolution Radio.
– Robert Brady, Power of Prog