Short Bio

Eight years after drummer Sotiris Lagonikas (What’s The Buzz? / Double Treat) musical project SL Theory started, followed by the release of debut album titled “SL Theory – I”, SL Theory have grown to a 10- member band, with the addition of Mike Karasoulis (Dakrya / Double Treat) on lead vocals, Alex Flouros (Seduce The Heaven / Fragile Vastness / What’s The Buzz?) and Giannis Nigdelis (Double Treat) on the guitars, Manos Gavalas(Sound Of Silence / Airged Lamh / Noely Rayn) on keyboards, Chris Kollias (Seduce The Heaven / Persona Non Grata) on bass guitar, as well as Christina Alexiou, Alexandros Louziotis, Kandia Bouzioti and Margarita Papadimitriou on backing vocals.

The extended heavy prog band, along with a classical string orchestra conducted by Maestro Yiannis Antonopoulos, presented, recorded and filmed live in Athens on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 at Passport Keramikos, the complete album of Sotiris Lagonikas, titled “Progressively Dark” (2012), as well as songs out of the albums “SL Theory – I” (2009) and “Different Space Different Time” (2014) and a few brand new, unreleased songs written by G.Nigdelis/S.Lagonikas, in a unique dark-prog and heavy rock audio-visual show that is scheduled for release in audio CD and DVD format in 2018.

Band Members

Sotiris Lagonikas: Drums
Mike Karasoulis: Lead Vocals
Alex Flouros: Guitars
Giannis Nigdelis: Guitars
Manos Gavalas: Keyboards
Chris Kollias: Bass Guitar
Christina Alexiou: Backing Vocals
Alexandros Louziotis: Backing Vocals
Kandia Bouzioti: Backing Vocals
Margarita Papadimitriou: Backing Vocals


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Progressively Dark A concert for a Group & String Orchestra (Coming in 2018) CD, DVD & Digital 
Different Space, Different Time (2014)
I (2010)