Arvé is the current project of talented musician Henny Arvé (Composer, Arranger, Producer, Brain).

He’s been making music since the early 70’s. After a time of experience with bands like AMBROSIA, MADISON DYKE, and ARAGON, he set foot on the fabled land of Prog in 1976. With his band RELAYER, on drums, Helmut Draht † , the first drummer from the band ELOY and Mr.Anthony, Norbert Requardt, guitarist from VOICE OF PAIN, the bassist Roger Girschman, he started his career with works like “Die Zeitmaschine” or “Berge des Wahnsinns” with the UTV-FILMPRODUCTION-Studio.

1977 Henny Arvé wrote the music to the movie, titled “Konflkt am Zaun”.

1978 this action movie get the SILVER AWARD in New York. After a successful time, also with the intended ELOY guitarist Hannes Arkona, the band split in 1979.

The 80’s were very experimental.

In the year 1995, he composed the great musical “AUTUMN WALTZ”. With the voice of Sunny Heights and Helmut Lilbob, he was a participator of the “MUSICAL OF THE YEAR 1996” in Danmark.

Since 1998 he’s been working together with the lead-vocalist and lyric poet Helmut Lilbob and furthered friends at the project “ARVE”. The first CD is from 2000, named “On The First Sight”. The new album added some other singers, as especially Stefan Ernst, the voice from the band “TRIBE 1”. 2008 he released Be On A Razor’s Edge; Henny Arve´ Keyboards, Grand Piano, Orchestration, Backing Vocals, Helmut Lilbob
Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Lyrics, Special Guests: Stefan Ernst – Vocals, Jessica G – Vocals, Toni Paul – Guitar, Olav Tilborg – Bass, Mr.J.Anthony – Drums


…. Van Der Graaf Generator, Yes, Patrick Moraz, Peter Gabriel, Greenslade, ELP, Gentle Giant, Genesis (the time with Peter Gabriel), Tomita, Le Orme, PFM, Spocks Beard, Rupert Hine, Mike Batt, Peter Hammill, Stomu Yamashta, Rick Wakeman, Klaatu, Rick Van Der Linden, Refugee, Jon Anderson, Steve Hackett .. Mussorgsky, Stravinsky, Debussy ,Gershwin