Melodic Revolution Radio is proud to welcome Ember Swift, Soul Doubt, and The Mourning, and are thrilled to add their latest releases to our playlist.

Sticks & Stones, the 12th and most recent album in Ember Swift’s discography, is a collection of eclectic songs that fall into three categories: “Songs for Adults” (8 songs); Songs for Kids (5 songs); and the humorous and under-serviced category “Songs for Adults with Kids” (3 songs). Styles range from folk to jazz to R&B to country. There’s electronic and calypso and rock in there too. As usual with Ember Swift’s music, this album is a diverse range of styles taking the listener on a colorful musical journey.

Canadian artist Ember Swift is an internationally touring musician, songwriter, and founder of the independent label Few’ll Ignite Sound. Originally from Toronto, she has spent the past few years making her home in the magnetic city of Beijing, China. In other words, this is where she lands in between touring Canada, the US, Australia, New Caledonia (French island in the Pacific) and, China.

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New concept album: The Dance of Light and Shade “…in the eternal dance of shade and light, live beyond me…”

“Please daddy, don’t go…” A desperate cry in the night. Jake strongly holds an old radio on his chest: it’s battered and it usually croaks incomprehensible crunches, but sometimes, that noise caresses Jake’s ears with his father voice, Mr. Doubt.

Crossed by shadows, man is an insensitive puppet. The Shade controls people’s mind in a worldwide reality show.

Mr. Doubt and Faith, his wife, dream about a new flow to escape from this dystopian existence, but their wishes wreck with their lives.

Now they live as Aeons, spirits that could guide our steps in the night, hearing our whispers, caressing our skin when we sleep, someone could call them angels.

The Doubt and the Faith, the Light and the Shade: two sides of the same whirling, crazy coin.

“…in the eternal dance of shade and light, don’t lose hope…” A few words from that old radio. Jake knows. He must fight rampant apathy. Humanity has forgotten humanity. The Shade is covering the Light. Jake’s messianic path leads to revelation, to the truth.

Switch off your phone and listen…

Soul Doubt
Marco Ciancaglini: lead vocals & choirs
Federico Benini: bass
Nicola Casamenti: lead guitars
Marco Calbi: guitars
Alessandro D’Altri: drums
Davide Lavia: keyboards

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This album was composed by Johnny Ray (except for remix), produced and mixed by David Alex at Foxbloom Recordings, mastered by Jeramie Kling. Guest Vocals by Cassandra Calo, Eliana Blanchard, Megan Yarbrough, Christian and Daniel Zambrotto. Saxophone by Eric Mullins, Christian Cruz for Guest Guitars and Kevin Adair for session guitars. in Edge of Time. Flute by Kyle Sareyani, album art by Severin Jowers.

Johnny would like to thank everyone who took part in this album, his wife and Kids for putting up with all the noise in the house, and most of all Jesus for the Inspiration and Faith!

The Mourning is:
Johnny Ray – Vocals/Keys
Spence Howard – Bass
Jason Berlin – Drums
John Richardson – Keys
Thomas Griggs – Guitars

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