Artist: Imager
Album: Imager (2015)
Label: independent
1. The Gardens
2. Triskaidekaphobia
3. Lunar
4. Drunk Circus (feat. Tim McGrath & Scott Whitehead
5. Mega (feat. David Matela)
6. You Summarize
7. Mara
8. Sinematographer
9. Water Landing
10. Dirty Little Word

11. Sacred Drift

Imager is a group of Bay Area musicians who perform original compositions and extended improvisations that draw on elements from progressive rock, ambient/trance, funk, jazz and other global musical influences. At heart, we are experimenters and risk-takers who are committed to making interesting, engaging music without limits whether it’s on stage, in the studio, or for a film soundtrack. Imager composes collaboratively with no restrictions, resulting in music that ranges from melodic downtempo trance to high-energy jams built on unique rhythms and modes.

One of the hallmarks of our sound is our palette of instruments and effects that allow us to create new approaches and ideas. These include analog Moog synthesizers, the legendary Fender Rhodes electric piano; electronic percussion mixed with acoustic drums; fretted, fretless and 8-string basses; and – of course – soaring vocals and voice effects.

All of this gear is not only used on our studio recordings, but also in our live shows, ensuring that we deliver the same energy and sound in person and electronically. We have played at a number of the top clubs in the Bay Area, as well as at art openings, private parties, and corporate events.

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Artist: Orpheus Nine
Album: Transcendental Circus – 2017
Label: independent
Artist: Orpheus Nine
Album: Transcendental Circus – 2017
Label: independent
Of Zygotes and Grace Notes 01:17
Eightfold Way 06:46
Fetish 08:31
Hand of Make-Believe 05:32
No Illusions 04:23
Age of Rhyme and Reason 06:27
Transcendental Circus I: Barcarolle of Bedlam 05:30
Transcendental Circus II: Hallowed Playground 04:14
Transcendental Circus III: Intergalactic Clown Festival 03:00
Transcendental Circus IV: Swimming in Our Four O’Clock Tea 02:51
Transcendental Circus V: Not Within the Memory of Elephants 03:00
Transcendental Circus VI: Freak Tent Mausoleum 02:55
Reaper’s Carousel 03:47
Sandcastles 06:00
The Fall of the House of Keys 10:44
Orpheus Nine emerged with an “instant classic” (ProgArchives) in 2017’s Transcendental Circus. While the centerpiece is its six-part, nearly-22-minute title track, the NJ-based quartet deftly balances virtuosity with emotion and melody in every one of the album’s “beautifully crafted songs” (PROG). Listeners to this “very impressive debut” (Progression) have cited elements of ELP, King Crimson, Rush, Saga, Styx, Genesis, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Spock’s Beard, The Flower Kings, Yes, Marillion, and Return to Forever — yet any past influence quickly yields to the fresh sound of a band focused on future possibilities.
Released September 9, 2017
Jason Kresge – keyboards, lead vocals
Matt Ullestad – guitars
Tony Renda – bass, backing vocals
Mark DeGregory – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Lyrics by Jason Kresge
Music by Orpheus Nine
Arranged & produced by Jason Kresge
Recorded & mixed by Eric Rachel at Trax East
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

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Artist: Oak (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative)
Album: Giordano Bruno (2018)
Label: Aereostella/Immaginifica

01. Campo dè fiori
02. Viator temporis
03. Liber in tiberi
04. Angeli senza ali
05. Circe
06. Diana/Morgana
07. La cena delle beffe
08. Dreams of mandragora
09. Danse macabre
10. The Globe
11. Wittenberger fuchstanz
12. Un valzer per il Mocenigo
13. Sandali rossi
14. Campo dè fiori reprise

Jerry Cutillo: Voice, flute, acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass, ebow guitar, mandolin, tubular bells
David Jackson (VDGG): Saxes
Richard Sinclair (Caravan, Camel): Voice & Bass (8)
Sonja Kristina (Curved Air): Voice (6)
Maart Allcock (Jethro Tull): Bass (9)
Derek Wilson (Goblin): Drums (1, 6)
Jenny Sorrenti (Saint Just): Voice (11)
Valentina Ciaffaglione: Voice (6)
Pat Rowbottom: Bass (4, 10)
Anna Maria Manzi: Vocalisms (5)
Alexa Trinity Bersiani: Backing vocals (13)
Francesco De Renzi: Grand Piano & Hammond organ
Giacomo Pettinelli: Drums
Charles Yossarian: Drums
Fab Santoro: Bass
Mirko Valtulini: Timpani

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