Melodic Revolution Records brings you a radio station that is formatted much like the dawn of early 70’s. FM Radio.

Melodic Revolution Radio is unlike most current radio stations which have long forgotten, what makes music great…
DIVERSITY, not labels.

We want people to listen to music for what it is, and not because of its genre-specific formula. Formatting our playlist this way means that people may discover music they love and may have never discovered on a genre-specific station. As far as labels… we will leave the listener to decide what kind of music it is.

What you will hear:
Releases from the Melodic Revolution Records roster and archives such as Darrel Treece-Birch, Marco Ragni, Echoes Landing, Scarlet Hollow, Amadeus Awad, Odin’s Court, Forever Twelve, Wings of Destiny, Stratospheerius, Darusso, Joe Mac’s American Garage, Nth Ascension, Thoughts Factory, Insites, Luigi Milanese and more, and we will be mixing it up with some of the biggest names in music today like Marillion, Evership, The Dear Hunter, Thank you Scientist, Haken, The Flower Kings, Dark Horse Flyer, Damian Wilson, Simo, and more.

Also in the works live shows and interviews.

Our mission is simple.
Bring together the music listener with music that inspires, and makes us think, while cultivating memories – we offer music that will stand the test of time.

Additional Media Players

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