Maintenance Updates

Maintenance Updates

We apologize but the site will be down for a few hours as we do some maintenance updates, thank you for listening to and supporting Melodic Revolution Radio.

New App & Even More Ways To Listen

We are thrilled to announce that you can now stream Melodic Revolution Radio via your favorite Apple devices, just download our FREE App in the iTunes App store.

Once again special thanks to Nobex Technologies for all their hard work.
Still waiting for the Blackberry App, stay tuned, it’s coming soon!

You can also stream us via;
| Melodic Revolution Radio | My Stream Player | Radionomy | SHOUTcast | TuneIn | Amazon Echo |

We are still only beta testing but things are starting to fall into place, stay tuned.

Android App Now Available!

Exciting News!
Our App for Android Phones is now available at the Google Play App store, thanks to Nobex Technologies for all their hard work.

Still waiting for the Apple App, stay tuned, it’s coming soon!

For those of you that don’t have an Android, you can listen via our website.

Now enjoy some music!

News Update: Vol 2

We are really excited as the station is coming along, soon you will be able to download our mobile app which is being designed by Nobex Partners the worlds number one radio app company. Still waiting for some hardware to arrive, in the meantime, we are still testing Melodic Revolution Radio. You can also stream us via Melodic Revolution Records website

Special thanks to the folks at Abovecast for the cool media player on this site.


We are very excited as we get closer to our goal of launching MELODIC REVOLUTION RADIO. We have been working hard behind the scenes for about a year to bring you a radio station that will be formatted much like the dawn of FM radio in the early 70’s.

MELODIC REVOLUTION RADIO is unlike most all current radio which has long forgotten, what makes music great… DIVERSITY, not labels. We want people to listen to music for what it is and not because of its genre-specific formula. Formatting our playlist this way means that people may discover music they love and may have never discovered on a genre-specific station.

As far as labels… we will leave the listener to decide what kind of music it is.

Right now the website is about 90 something % complete. We have posted some listen to links however the beta version of our test does not include song, artist or album info or a media player but that is in the works along with some other cool surprises so stay tuned. When we do fully launch the station you will be able to listen to our station on any device, in the home office or even on the move, including iTunes the website and even Tunein, apps will be available for download via iTunes for both Android and Apple products.

What you will hear:
Releases by Melodic Revolution Records such as Darrel Treece-Birch, Marco Ragni, Echoes Landing, Scarlet Hollow, Amadeus Awad, Odin’s Court, Forever Twelve, Wings of Destiny, Stratospheerius, BABAL, Darusso, Joe Mac’s American Garage, Nth Ascension, Thoughts Factory, Insites, Luigi Milanese and more, and we will be mixing it up with some of the biggest names in music today like Marillion, Evership, The Dear Hunter, Thank you Scientist, Haken, The Flower Kings, Dark Horse Flyer, Damian Wilson, Simo, and more.

Also in the works live shows and interviews.

Our streaming radio apps for iPhone and Android smartphones are being designed by Nobex Technologies, the app which will be available for free a free download via Google Play and iTunes App stores.

You will be able to listen to our live stream and shows from your home, in the office, or on the run via the app’s, besides this website you will also be able to listen to via iTunes and TuneIn.
We will deliver our music in 100% pure digital, HD audio content, worldwide.