Get to know Mystery

Short Bio
MYSTERY is a cutting-edge progressive rock band from Montreal Quebec. After 9 albums released, the Canadian group has become one of the most popular and respected Progressive Rock Band in the world

With concerts all over the world and having its Lead singer chosen to become the lead singer of Legendary Progressive Rock Band YES. MYSTERY has created a unique and enchanting world with their sophisticated symphonic rock sound.

Recording albums over the years with guest musicians like Daryl Stuermer ( Genesis, Phil Collins) Nick D’Virgillio ( Tears for Fear, Spock’s Beard) Richard Lanthier (April Wine) and more, the MYSTERY Live Band always delivers a stunning live show with music that reaches the heart of fans worldwide

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More New Music On Its Way

We are thrilled to announce three more artists whose music we are adding to the radio station.

Artist No 1. Jason-Rubenstein
Progressive rock and ambient keyboardist. Influenced by heavy progressive rock and old synthesizers, Jason creates modern, heavy instrumental music.
The style is loud, heavy, melodic, complicated, and modern.

Jason Rubenstein has been writing and producing music since 1995.

Jason Rubenstein’s music has been heard on National Public Radio, NBC Television,, and in the film “Replicant”. In 2000, he was featured in an EQ magazine article “Adventures in Sound Design”, and his sound design was used in ABC’s television series “Lost”. In May of 2016, Jason released an EP titled “Four Named Narratives”.

Jasons latest album Four Points Of Focus is available for pre-order below


Artist No 2. The Aaron Clift Experiment

The Aaron Clift Experiment is a dynamic progressive rock band based in Austin, Texas. The group’s multi-faceted sound is an innovative blend of classic rock, modern rock, and classical all anchored by the band’s dedication to high-quality songwriting and musicianship.

“Intricate and subtle yet with raw passion at its heart, The Aaron Clift Experiment is one of the most exciting and interesting bands currently writing and playing music today,” said Martin Hutchinson of Progradar after first hearing the group. Hutchinson’s enthusiasm has been echoed by other media outlets worldwide, including Prog Magazine, who nominated the band for Best Unsigned Artist of 2013 and for the Progressive Music Award in 2016. Forward to 2018 as the band releases there third album “If All Goes Wrong”

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Artist No 3. Cell15

Cell15 is the brainchild of Robert Scott Richardson. In 2011, Robert had decided he wanted to write the progressive rock style that he loved. Raised on the great prog of the past, his love for “King Crimson”, “Gentle Giant”, “Yes”, “Genesis” and “Pink Floyd” influenced this musical decision. Twenty years of recovery had given him the subject matter, the advantage of owning his own recording studio gave him the place to work, and Cell15 was born. The idea of a concept album to tell the story of what happened twenty years ago to present served as the guide for where the music would go. “This is the first time I had the lyrics in mind before the music was written. I had to keep the focus on the story being told”, Robert said. The CD titled “Chapter One” had been released in September 2014.

The debut release was well received internationally. Prog Rock radio stations were adding tracks to their playlists and an award was given as “Debut Album of the Year” on Prog In a review from House of affiliate Rob Rutz, Rob writes: “From the first recoil of the complex kit’s snare drum, followed by locomotive-strength symphonic keys, listeners are propelled like shot in a sling into Cell15’s powerful breakthrough debut album, “Chapter One.” This is a driving progressive rock concept album that’s befitting of the most-capable, well-powered sound system. Cell15’s Chapter One album goes beyond masterful poly-rhythmic drums, full-bodied keyboards and driving bass, though. It’s one hell of a story that portrays a dark life, capture and prison time, followed by twists of realization, understanding and an epic light show conclusion that begs for cathedral acoustics. Listeners are strapped into this soulfully sung script that was penned over a 20-year timeframe. Arranged and performed by veteran music artist Robert Richardson, Cell15 will remind listeners of Transatlantic, Genesis, and IQ, but its classic rock influences and meaningful vocals would also entice any Kansas or Queen fan.”

2015 was the year of forming the full-time band to promote Cell15. After many auditions, a lineup of accomplished musicians was established, including Shane Jones on guitar, former Elephants of Scotland member Dan MacDonald on bass, Circuline’s Andrew Colyer on keyboards and Bill Brasso on drums. A musical bond was formed to pursue recording more progressive rock music with a killer show sure to excite any audience.

In October of 2017, Cell15 played the inaugural year of the ProgStock Festival in Rahway, NJ, in addition to a show at the NJ Proghouse in June 2017.

In 2018, a modified lineup of Cell15 played the 15th Annual RoSfest (Rites of Spring Festival) in Gettysburg, PA, with Bob Richardson on vocals, drums, and keys, Dan McDonald on bass, Andrew Colyer on keys, Shane Jones on guitar, and Ornan McLean as a guest drummer.

Prog Rock fans may be few but they are the most loyal and appreciative group of people who love the complexities of the composition. Prog is the “Classical” music of today and will still be loved long after “Pop” music is forgotten.

Check out the bands latest release River Utopia

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Get to know Blå Lotus

Short Bio

Blå Lotus is a progressive rock trio and their motto is, “No six-strings allowed,” formed during the fall of 2016, Blå Lotus was basically three guys with a vision of making heavy prog rock without the aid of a guitar. Heavily influenced by old school progressive acts of yore, they immediately set out to create a fulfilling soundscape equipped with just bass, drums and Hammond organ and a vast array of lengthy jam-based compositions interspersed with heavy stoner-like riffs.

Fredrik Andersson, born February 3rd, 1982, is the keyboardist, songwriter and, where necessary, the singer of Blå Lotus. He began his musical journey in the mid-90’s when he first got acquainted with The Beatles, a source of inspiration and adoration which has ruled supreme ever since. After growing tired of playing trumped for the communal music school, he taught himself how to play the guitar and further down the line bass guitar and drums as well as singing. Passing through other mainstays such as The Who, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Yes, and Genesis, he developed a rudimentary knowledge of how to record his own songs and over time he went through several bands as a guitarist, drummer, singer, and bassist respectively. After his stint as the guitarist/singer in hard rock trio Stratus, he pondered on the idea of forming yet another trio from the ashes of an abandoned jam band, featuring his bass playing friend Linus Karlsson with whom he shared musical common ground. Only this time he decided to challenge himself on handling the Hammond organ, an instrument of which he yet only had rudimentary skills. Hanging up his guitars on the wall he has since provided himself with an array of vintage organs and keyboards as well as fully concentrated on perfecting his keyboard skills.

Linus Karlsson was born in 1987 and started playing clarinet in the school orchestra at age 10. He moved on to guitar and punk rock in high school, but everyone else was playing guitar so he switched to bass and never looked back. After high school, he moved to Örebro to study, and at the same time joined an indie rock band called Minor Ace. That became his main musical education and he started exploring alternative genres such as post-rock, progressive music and the Swedish folk-rock scene in the 1970´s. Through new friends, he was invited to join a progressive metal band called Marble Halls. They recorded an album, toured a bit throughout Sweden and made a small impact on the local scene. After Minor Ace and Marble Halls disbanded he met up with Fredrik and they started a jam project together that eventually led to the formation of Blå Lotus in the fall of 2016.

With a drumkit in the basement of his middle school, the interest of music Wiktor Nydén began to take form. He spent more or less every recess with the school’s weirdos, taking turns learning new rhythms and fills. Later on, with his first contact with punk, he played in several bands without any big success, but great enjoyment. The love for playing music grew bigger when he came out of the garage and with his high school band overcame the fear of standing on stage and eventually got an appreciation for his drumming. The biggest project he was involved with before Blå Lotus was the Hardcore/punk band called Brainkill, which had a couple of performances during its six years of being active.

Band Members

Fredrik Andersson // Keyboards & Vocals
Linus Karlsson // Bass Guitar
Wiktor Nydén // Drums & Percussion


Örebro, Sweden

Style of Music

Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Heavy Rock



Tube Alloys (2018)

Latest Release


Get to know ~ Damian Wilson

Damian Wilson is an English musician, songwriter and vocalist who has appeared on over 70 separate album releases.

Damian is mostly known in the rock genre, for bands and projects such as Headspace, Threshold, Star One, Ayreon, Praying Mantis and Rick Wakeman’s English Rock Ensemble. As a solo artist he has released 5 solo albums, a DVD and a retrospective compilation album. He also released 2 acoustic albums with Adam Wakeman.

Damian began recording music in 1991 with the band Landmarq and featured on their first 3 albums. In 1993 he recorded his first album with Threshold, ‘Wounded Land’. He would return for their third album ‘Extinct Instinct’.

In 1997, Damian’s debut solo album ‘Cosmas’ was released. This album was a departure from the heavy/progressive rock sound that people had been used to. He managed to surprise people even more by landing the role of Jean Valjean in Cameron Mackintosh’s touring production of Les Misérables. He played lead role for two years.

In 2000 Damian fronted Rick Wakeman’s Rock Ensemble and toured and recorded with them for two years. During that time he also featured on several Ayreon albums. This collaboration with Arjen Lucassen would result in three more Star One albums.

In 2007 he was asked by Threshold to return as lead singer. Three studio albums and numerous tours followed, after which Threshold and Damian parted ways in 2017.

He formed the progressive rock band Headspace with Adam Wakeman in 2007. They released an EP and supported Ozzy Osbourne on his 2007 tour, but it would take 5 years for their debut album ‘I Am Anonymous’ would be released. As part of a 3 album deal with InsideOut Music, the second Headspace album was released in February 2016.

Damian’s 5th solo album ‘Built for Fighting’ was released in September 2016. The single ‘Thrill Me’ made the BBC Radio 2 playlist.

The Critics and Fans
‘The man is a phenomenon’ • Rock Hard Magazine
‘Literally breathtaking’ • Classic Rock Magazine
‘One of the most versatile voices in rock’ • Ronnie James Dio

Solo albums
Cosmas – 1997 (Remastered version released in 2012)
Disciple – 2001
Live in Rehearsal (live) – 2002
Let’s Start a Commune – 2003
20 Years of Avoiding a Job (DVD) – 2011
I Thought the World Was Listening. 1997 – 2011 – 2011
“Wedding Song” – 2012 (7″ vinyl single. B-side contains the same song performed by Alex Sharpe)
“Thrill Me” – 2016 (single)
Built for Fighting – 2016
“Impossible (Dave Bascombe Mix)” – 2017 (single)

With Landmarq
Solitary Witness – 1992
Infinity Parade – 1993
The Vision Pit – 1995
With Threshold[edit] Wounded Land – 1993
Extinct Instinct – 1997
Paradox (singles box set) – 2009
March of Progress – 2012
For the Journey – 2014
European Journey (Live) – 2015

With Rick Wakeman and the New English Rock Ensemble
Out Of The Blue (live) – 2001
Live in Buenos Aires (DVD) – 2001
Out There – The movie – 2003

With Headspace
I Am… (Ep) – 2007
I Am Anonymous – 2012
All That You Fear Is Gone – 2016
With Maiden United[edit] Mind the Acoustic Pieces – 2010
The Trooper (Single) – 2010
Across the Seventh Sea – 2012
Remembrance – 2015

With Arjen Anthony Lucassen
Ayreon – Into the Electric Castle – 1998
Ayreon – Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer – 2000 (Lead vocals on “And the Druids Turned to Stone”)
Ayreon – Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight of the Migrator – 2000 (Backing vocals on “Dawn of a Million Souls”)
Ayreon – Ayreonauts Only – 2000 (Lead vocals on “Into the Black Hole”)
Star One – Space Metal – 2002
Star One – Live on Earth – 2003
Stream of Passion – Live in the Real World – 2006
Star One – Victims of the Modern Age – 2010
Ayreon Universe – The Best of Ayreon Live – 2018

With Adam Wakeman
Weir Keeper’s Tale (2016)
The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour (2018)

With Maiden uniteD
Mind the Acoustic Pieces (2010)
Across the Seventh Sea (2012)
Remembrance (2015)
Empire of the Clouds (2018)

With Other Artists
After Forever – Mea Culpa – 2006
After Forever- Emphasis (Single) – 2001 (Lead vocals on “Imperfect Tenses” & “Who Wants to Live Forever”)
Aina – Days of Rising Doom – 2003 (Vocals on “Revelations”)
Alarion – Waves of Destruction – 2016 (Lead & backing vocals on “Chains of the Collective”, “Waves of Destruction – II – Struggle for Survival”, “Colourblind”, “The Whistleblower – I – Devastation”, “The Whistleblower – II – Vindication”, narration on: “Waves of Destruction – I – Rising Tide”, “The Whistleblower – II – Vindication”) [19] Archangel – The Akallabeth – 2009
Archangel – Tales of Love and Blood – 2013
Casual Silence – Lost In Life – 2007 (Guest Vocals)
Clive Nolan – Alchemy – 2013
Computer Mind – The Aspie Project – 2014
Dave Bainbridge – Celestial Fire – 2014
Ex Libris – Medea (Song of Discord) – 2014
For All We Know – For All We Know – 2011
Fughu – Human (The Facts) – 2013 (as Mr. Tloth)
Galexia – Recidivate – 2008 (Single)
Gary Hughes – Once & Future King Part 1 – 2003 (Lead vocals on “Excalibur”)
Guy Fletcher – Inamorata – 2008 (Backing Vocals)
Jeronimo Road – Live at the Orange – 2006
LaSalle – LaSalle – 1993
Micha Calvin – Evolution 2 – 1995 (Backing vocals)
Mostly Autumn – Passengers – 2003 (Backing vocals)
Peter Gee – East Of Eden – 2011
Port Mahadia – Echoes in Time- 2007
Resource – More Than a Feeling – 2006 (Single)
Revealing Songs of Yes -2001 (Lead vocals on “Going For the One” & “And You & I”)
Seti – Discoveries – 2010
Shadowkeep- A Chaos Theory – 2001 (Backing vocals)
Shadowland – Mad as a Hatter – 1996 (Backing vocals on “Salvation Comes”)
Shadrane – Neurastasia – 2004
Tales from Yesterday w/Jeronimo Road – 1995 (Lead vocals on the “Starship Trooper”)
Thomas Zwijsen – Perferct Storm (Nylonized Album) – 2014 [20] Unwritten Pages – Part 1. Noah – 2010
Wicked Sensation- Reflected – 2002 (Backing vocals on “You’re the Answer”, “Stand Tall”, “Highspeed Chase”, “The Preacher”, “Night on Fire”, “Caught in a Fantasy”, “Let it Ride”, and “Joker in the Pack”)

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Get to know ~ Time Horizon

Short Bio

Time Horizon is a Christian Progressive AOR Rock Band with hook-laden and odd meter time signatures thrown in. Emphasis on the balance between instrumentation, vocal melodies, and catchy rhythmic song structures. Time Horizon has songs influenced by the epic bands of timeless classics, yet maintained an identifiably unique approach.
The Band started out as a bunch of friends writing music together and grew from there. Ralph Otteson had played in a band called “Iron Clay Poets” during the mid 90’s. They played around the Central Valley of California for a few years and finally recorded an Album, however, the album was never released after being finished due to the disbanding of the members. It was through mixing this album with the help of Bruce Gaetke that brought together what would become the origins of Time Horizon.
Steve Gourely joined in during the recording sessions playing bass. With all but two songs completed, Steve decided to return to Cambodia where he continues his work helping to protect women and children in human rights issues. Dave DIckerson left the band before the release of the album to work with other musicians as did Bruce Gaetke. it appeared to Ralph after a second attempt to release an album, that this one too would end up not being finished and available to the public.
The 1st album “Living Water” After a year had passed Ralph decided to finish the album by funding the project, forming his own label and music production company Angelic Noise and dedicating the first production run of 1000 CDs to help people in third world countries by raising funds for clean water. He shared this vision with Bruce Gaetke, who returned to help with the release and perform in support concert shows. Ralph chose to partner with Living Water International, hence the name of the first album. Time Horizon continues to be committed to helping the thirsty around the world.
Before the release of “Living Water”, Ralph looked to his longtime friend Allen White to fill the role as bass player and to play the album in Live concert. Allen had played bass in a band with Ralph called One-Eighty all throughout the 80’s. The need to find two guitarists to cover the guitar parts became evident and they found Dave Miller to play most of the lead parts. The search for the second guitarist resulted with the addition of Rick Hunt, just weeks before the first scheduled CD release concert. After only three shows, Rick had to leave because of major surgery he needed, and they were able to play one last show with the help of Jeff Garner and wait for Ricks recovery.
The 2nd Album “Transitions” During the waiting period, work on the second album began. Rick never ended up returning and Jeff ended up attending some of the writing sessions for a portion of the album. The band knew they were capable of more and desired to raise the bar on the next one so they brought in the support of Billy Sherwood to help in production and mixing the songs. After mixing the first few songs Bruce informed the band he would have to leave the project to attend to his family. Jeff was out as well, so now, yet again, another album project was in danger of collapse.
Ralph went to friend Lang Bliss, a session and touring drummer in Nashville, to provide the needed drum tracks in which he did in a mighty way. Lang has recorded and toured with many of the top artists associated with the Christian Music labels of Nashville. David Wallimann was chosen to provide guitar tracks because his style of playing would fit perfectly with what had already been written. His work with Glass Hammer and Dweezil Zappa is an indication of his level of musicianship. To provide lead vocal, Ralph and Allen recruited the help of Rich Reif who sang with 180 back in earlier times. With the final song to finish, and after a long search to find the vocals for a Kansas like tune, Ken Westphal suggested we call Jake Livgren who had sung with his uncle Kerry in the band Proto-Kaw. That was exactly the right call and the album was complete. Billy Sherwood wanted to see the production all the way through the mastering phase, so he brought it to a Grammy-nominated mastering engineer, Maor Appelbaum. The album was named “Transitions” because it is a transitional album from what was, into what it could be and now it is ready to take flight.

What Reviewers are saying about “Time Horizon” 

PROG ARCHIVES.COM – Reviewed by PH “intelligently written and diverse, full of freshness and sincerity, with interesting arrangements and powerful vocals, Time Horizon has created a symphonic-progressive gem that deserves to be heard all around the world.”
ANGELIC WARLORD.COM – -“unconventional compositional structures and extensive instrumental proclivity all wrapped in a package that speaks of technical intricacies, outside the box inventiveness and unexpected twists and turns.”
PROGPLANET.COM – Time Horizon themselves are a fine blend of Classic rock and symphonic prog!! A great band with fine musicians, delivering the goods!
BACKGROUND MAGAZINE – “Highly recommended to everybody who likes Christian acts such as Neal Morse, Salem Hill, Iona, Glass Hammer and Supernal Endgame but also to those who are into the music made by bands such as Journey, Styx, Kansas, Spock’s Beard, Toto, and Boston”

Band Members

Ralph Otteson: Keyboards & Vocals
Allen White: Electric & Upright Basses
Dave Miller: Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
David Bradley Mau: Lead Vocals
Roy Faria: Support Guitar Handling Rhythm Electric & Acoustic Guitars


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Transitions (2015)
Living Water (2011)