On the Backs of Giants is an album created in celebration of the artists and creators who helped pave the way and define how we interpret music. Influences ranging from psychedelic and progressive rock, dub reggae, psychedelic trance, and electronic bass music all played a part in the composition of these songs. Some friends, some legends, some old, some new, all giants.


1. Chapel Perilous 11:34
2. Transit 06:38
3. Wychwood 05:41
4. Celestial Fondue 07:44
5. On the Backs of Giants 07:27

Composed, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Jeremy Costa at Backward Clock Studio. 

Lyrics on track 1 and 5 by Karina UltraK. Female vocals on track 1 by Karina UltraK. Keyboard/synth solo on track 1 by Alexi Lagogianis

Released December 12, 2018 

Cover illustration by Jeremy Costa. Digital painting and graphic design by George Arvanitis aka Mr. Sun Eye Candy.

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