The Guitar Shaman from Oz releases a new instrumental tour de force with Rage of the Innocents – guitar driven symphonic rock and metal with soaring melodies that conjure stories and imagery of places and creatures both imagined and real. Each track is a story unto itself while being part of the journey that is Rage of the Innocents. 
A bonus vocal track, the Resonance Project song “Kings & Queens” features the amazing voice of Donna Greene.

1. The Gates of Balawat 04:23
2. Wulver’s Stane 04:14
3. Thrill of the Chase 04:58
4. Fools and Angels 04:41
5. Only Time 05:32
6. Rage of the Innocents 03:45
7. Kings & Queens 04:58 featuring Donna Greene
8. The Road to Bedrule 04:13
9. Ghost of a Chance 06:15
10. Captain Dangerous 04:45
11. State of the Arc 06:05

Recorded, mixed and mastered in The Inspiration Room. 
Lead vocals on track 7 recorded at Sound Field Studios by Stuart James. 

All tracks written and performed by Graham Greene except “Kings & Queens” by Donna and Graham Greene 

Released April 30, 2018 

Instrumental melodic/symphonic rock/metal with a touch of folk metal for good measure! 

Rage of the Innocents is available on Bandcamp

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