New Music 4/26/2020

New Music 4/26/2020

First full length release by 86 Bullets is a US Based Hard Rock Band

Debut Solo Album From Singer-Songwriter Allison vonBuelow (Scarlet Hollow)

Debut Solo Album from US Neo-prog band AmuZeum

The latest release by UK Avant-garde psych band Babal

Second Single by US Synth-pop artist Blake

First Single by US Synth-pop artist Blake

The latest release by UK Progressive Folk Pop Artist Elfin Bow

Italian Psychedelic prog artist Marco Ragni’s latest release

Debut album by US Progressive folk-jazz artist Potter’s Daughter

Single by US Progressive folk-jazz artist Potter’s Daughter featuring Annie Haslam  of Renaissance

Second full-length release by US Progressive Rock band Scarlet Hollow

Putamulletonit  is the latest single by Sheverb a US-based psychedelic desert rock band

2nd release by Australian Rockers Sonic Divide

2nd release by German Prog Metal Band Thoughts Factory

Debut album German progressive rock band Voyager IV

For Your Listening Pleasure

For Your Listening Pleasure

We are thrilled to be back on the airwaves! Please bookmark this page on your favorite device and listen from the comfort of your home, office, or in your car.

New Music & Band Additions The Face of Life by Kinetic Element

New Music & Band Additions The Face of Life by Kinetic Element


LP Side 1 
1) Epistle 
2) All OpenEyes 

LP Side 2 
1) Face of Life 
2 Last Words 

CD & Digital 
1) Epistle 
2) All OpenEyes 
3) Face of Life 
4) Last Words

Tentative Releases Date February 28, 2019 

The Band
St. John Coleman: Vocals 
Mike Visaggio: Keyboards & Vocals 
Mark Tupko: Bass 
Michael Murray: Drums & Backing Vocals 
Peter Matuchniak: Guitar 

Production Notes:
Mixed at Sound Resources, Chattanooga TN 
Mixing Engineers, Fred Schendel, and Steve Babb 
Mastered by Barry at The Other Room, Portland OR 
Layout and Graphics, Man In The Mountain

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Label: Melodic Revolution Records

New Music & Band Additions – On the Backs of Giants by Jeremy’s Aura

New Music & Band Additions – On the Backs of Giants by Jeremy’s Aura

On the Backs of Giants is an album created in celebration of the artists and creators who helped pave the way and define how we interpret music. Influences ranging from psychedelic and progressive rock, dub reggae, psychedelic trance, and electronic bass music all played a part in the composition of these songs. Some friends, some legends, some old, some new, all giants.


1. Chapel Perilous 11:34
2. Transit 06:38
3. Wychwood 05:41
4. Celestial Fondue 07:44
5. On the Backs of Giants 07:27

Composed, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Jeremy Costa at Backward Clock Studio. 

Lyrics on track 1 and 5 by Karina UltraK. Female vocals on track 1 by Karina UltraK. Keyboard/synth solo on track 1 by Alexi Lagogianis

Released December 12, 2018 

Cover illustration by Jeremy Costa. Digital painting and graphic design by George Arvanitis aka Mr. Sun Eye Candy.

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New Music & Band Additions Rage of the Innocents by Graham Greene

New Music & Band Additions Rage of the Innocents by Graham Greene

The Guitar Shaman from Oz releases a new instrumental tour de force with Rage of the Innocents – guitar driven symphonic rock and metal with soaring melodies that conjure stories and imagery of places and creatures both imagined and real. Each track is a story unto itself while being part of the journey that is Rage of the Innocents. 
A bonus vocal track, the Resonance Project song “Kings & Queens” features the amazing voice of Donna Greene.

1. The Gates of Balawat 04:23
2. Wulver’s Stane 04:14
3. Thrill of the Chase 04:58
4. Fools and Angels 04:41
5. Only Time 05:32
6. Rage of the Innocents 03:45
7. Kings & Queens 04:58 featuring Donna Greene
8. The Road to Bedrule 04:13
9. Ghost of a Chance 06:15
10. Captain Dangerous 04:45
11. State of the Arc 06:05

Recorded, mixed and mastered in The Inspiration Room. 
Lead vocals on track 7 recorded at Sound Field Studios by Stuart James. 

All tracks written and performed by Graham Greene except “Kings & Queens” by Donna and Graham Greene 

Released April 30, 2018 

Instrumental melodic/symphonic rock/metal with a touch of folk metal for good measure! 

Rage of the Innocents is available on Bandcamp

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24 Hours of Christmas

24 Hours of Christmas

Tune in Monday December the 24th through Tuesday December 25th for our first Annual Holiday Broadcast.

We are thrilled to be showcasing some of the finest original and traditional holiday music from around the world by some of the best known and unknown independent artists.

Including but not limited to Gabe Katona, Tang, Rachael Sage, Clark Colborn, Gandalf’s Fist, Josh Lewis, Jennifer Cutting’s Ocean Orchestra, Jack Potter, Federico Fantacone, Andrew Colyer, Electric Mud, Babal, Bill Rhodes, David Kelly, Pinnacle, Darrel Treece-Birch, Federico Fantacone , Corners of Sanctuary, Marco Ragni, DC Snakebuster, Colin Tench with the Christmas Chili Allstars, Jim Crean, Don Mancuso, Andy John Bradford, Randy George, Steve Brockman, Wayne Jacobs, Steve Gresswell, John Keller, David Clark, David Mark Pearce and more