Stvannyr // New Music & Band Additions

About Stvannyr

István Csarnogurszky is a Hungarian Composer who creates guitar-based artificial folk music of an unexisting nordic culture.

Csarnogurszky, aka “Stvannyr”, the proud founder member of the “Realm of Wolves”, “Black Hill”, “Silent Island”, “musicformessier” and “whitecube” projects.

As “Stvannyr”, I imagine a mystic world and create its folk music, inspired by the coNordicuty of the Nordic wilderness.

Track Listing
01. The silent island 03:22
02. Wilderness chant 03:36
03. Whistle of white winds 02:56
04. Ainé’s veil 03:56
05. If the long ships could talk… 03:54
06. Grave on the black hill 02:50

István Csarnogurszky

Proggressive, Ambient Folk

Gyor, Hungary

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Gabriel Iwasak // New Music & Band Additions

About Gabriel Iwasaki

A professional composer since the age of 19, Gabriel Iwasaki is a classical formed pianist who took his passion as his career, going for a degree in Musical Composition at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

In 2015, he released his first solo album entitled “ The Journey of Life”, where he combines his classical roots with his deep and profound love for the progressive genre. Since then, he also joined award-winning Peruvian progressive rock band “Flor de Loto” as a keyboard player, releasing the studio albums Arbol de la Vida (2016) and Eclipse (2018), the first one being awarded as the “2016 best metal album” by the biggest Peruvian newspaper outlet “El Comercio”.

At the age of 25, he released his second solo album entitled “The Journey Continues” (2018), his more ambitious musical project to date. This album continues to refine his musical offering, combining classical and progressive rock elements with an even more complex and virtuosic style of playing.

Winner of the international piano competition “Pianoteq Video Contest 2014, Iwasaki has also participated in the of the “International Antonin Dvorak Composition Competition”, which was held in Prague – Czech Republic is the only Peruvian to get in the finals of this international competition.

Iwasaki has also composed music for several theater plays, TV spots, short films, and even Smartphone Apps. He is currently working as a freelance composer, pianist, arranger, and producer, composing mainly for multimedia and publicity.

01. The Journey Begins
02. Awakening
03. Inner Child
04. Speed Racer
05. Timeshift
06. Rising
07. A Story of Two
08. Locking Memories Away
08. From Father to Son
10. Imperial City Theme

Band Members
Gustavo “Lucifer” Michael – Lead Vocals
Gabriel Iwasaki – Keyboards, lead and backing vocals
Wilmer Pachas – Electric Guitar
Gabriel León – Electric bass
Miguel Galdos – Drums

Progressive Rock

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Zoungla // New Music & Band Additions

About Zoungla

As early as Costa Damoulianos began to learn the letters of the alphabet he was learning the notes of the piano. At the age of twelve, he strived for a broader awareness of music and turned to the bass guitar and drums which eventually led to the discovery of his talent for playing guitar and singing. When Costa turned 17 he began his professional music career and attended Vanier Music School to learn jazz guitar.

However, the most crucial moment of his early adolescence was the day that his father introduced him to a tape mixer, this was the day when Costa first found his love for mixing and producing music. Multi-instrumental curiosity led him to technologically advance in what he believes to be one of today’s most interesting musical techniques; electronic composition.

Costa takes influence from various styles of music such as Pink Floyd, Ott, Shpongle, Jeff Martin, Dream Theater, Argaman, Rush, Hans Zimmer, Pain of Salvation, Yanni, Devin Townsend, and Koji Kondo. His love for music continued to expand and develop and he increasingly devoted his time towards a progressive direction, introducing Zoungla.

Thriving for balance, Costa paints Zoungla using ethnic sounds of the past with futuristic electronic tones, extremes from silly to sad, dark to bright, calm to intense and serious to fun.

There Will Be Dub
Released October 19, 2018

1. Goodmorning Ozora 09:30
2. Day Moon 07:26
3. Homage To The Dub Masters 03:35
4. Deep Sea Dubbin’ 09:13
5. Flower Sun 10:36
6. Sunday 10:48
7. Young Man 2 06:34
8. Tune Out The World 06:17

Band Members
Costa Damoulianos


Montreal, QC, Canada

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Glass Hammer // New Music & Band Additions

About Glass Hammer
Glass Hammer is an American progressive rock band from Chattanooga, Tennessee. They formed in 1992 when multi-instrumentalists Steve Babb and Fred Schendel began to write and record “Journey of the Dunadan”, a concept album based on the story of Aragorn from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. To their surprise, the album sold several thousand units via the Internet, The QVC Shop-At-Home Network, and their own toll-free order number. As such, Babb and Schendel were convinced that the band was a project worth continuing. The stage was then set for a successful career that now includes numerous albums, DVDs and an enthusiastic, worldwide fan base that continues to grow at a steady rate.

While many musicians have appeared on Glass Hammer albums over the years, Babb and Schendel have remained the core creative force of the band. Both play a variety of instruments, but Babb is better known as the bassist while Schendel is the primary keyboardist. And though they also sing, a number of other vocalists (most notably Michelle Young, Walter Moore, Susie Bogdanowicz, Carl Groves and Jon Davison) have also handled lead vocal duties.

Lyrically, Glass Hammer is inspired mostly by their love of literature (most notably Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and John Krakauer) and Babb’s love of Victorian prose and medieval mythology. Musically, they lean towards 70′s driven symphonic rock, focusing on epic-length songs anchored by Babb’s distinctive bass guitar work and strong keyboard playing from Schendel; specifically Hammond organs in the tradition of ELP. They have a superb melodic flow to the music they make, encapsulating real power and dynamics without ever becoming overpowering. Their most apparent influences are Yes, ELP, Genesis, and, to a less noticeable extent, Camel. Fans and critics are usually quick to attest that Glass Hammer has managed to combine those influences into a unique style all their own.

Critically acclaimed albums have continued to flow from the Glass Hammer studio, with the most successful and noteworthy being “Chronomtree” (2000), “Lex Rex” (2002), “The Inconsolable Secret” (2005) and “IF” (2010). Vocalists and fan-favorites Carl Groves and Susie Bogdanowicz took a temporary hiatus from the band after 2009 and vocalist Jon Davison took over as lead vocalist for three studio albums; “IF”, “Cor Cordium” and “Perilous”. Kamran Alan Shikoh joined the band at the same time taking on the role of guitarist.

During the recording of “Perilous”, Davison also assumed the role as front-man for Yes. This led to Carl Groves rejoining the Glass Hammer in 2013 for live performances and recording. Aaron Raulston joined at the same time as drummer for the group. Susie Bogdanowicz rejoined in late 2013 and appeared along with Raulston, Groves, and Shikoh in 2014 concerts.

Glass Hammer’s “Ode To Echo” release for 2014 featured performances by many of the band’s vocalists, including Bogdanowicz, Young, Moore, and Davison, though Carl Groves was handling the lion’s share of the vocal duties for the band. “The Breaking Of The World” followed in 2015 along with the two CD one DVD set “Double Live” which was recorded and filmed at ROSFest in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Carl Groves and Susie Bogdanowicz fronted the group throughout 2015.

2016’s “Valkyrie” saw the lineup shift somewhat as Carl Groves departed and Susie Bogdanowicz stepped to the fore. Before recording sessions began, Babb, Schendel, Shikoh, and Raulston rehearsed the music of “Valkyrie” for several weeks, as if they were preparing for a live concert. This was a new approach for Glass Hammer album production. According to the band, this was done in order to better capture the live energy of an actual Glass Hammer performance. “Valkyrie” was also conceived as a “full-blown concept album” in the tradition of “Lex Rex”, and “The Inconsolable Secret”.

The current (2018) official lineup of the group is Babb, Schendel, Raulston, and Bogdanowicz. Other prog musicians and rock artists have made contributions to Glass Hammer projects, including Jon Anderson of Yes, Arjen Lucassen, Rich Williams and David Ragsdale of Kansas, Rob Reed of Magenta and Randy Jackson of Zebra. Glass Hammer has also appeared with The Adonia String Trio and performed two concerts (2006-2007) with 120 plus member choirs from Belmont University and Lee University.

About Chronomonaut
Bassist Steve Babb says the new concept album tells the story of“the ultimate prog fan.” Chronomonaut is a stand-alone album but also acts as a Part Two for the highly successful 2000 releaseChronometree. Babb elaborates, “Our album deals with time travel, nostalgia and the love of prog-rock. Chronomonaut’sprotagonist, Tom, starts his own band and then makes the attempt to go back to the seventies in hopes of becoming a prog-god. Its all in fun and is really a very tongue-in-cheek look at how our favorite music can take us back in time.”

The band has been engaged in a buzz-creating viral marketing campaign which NJ ProgHouse Media Manager Jon Yargerdescribes as “pure genius”. “We not only have an epic music video set for release, but we have also been releasing found footage from Tom describing his band’s exploits and his odd theories on time,” explains Babb. Fans have been following Tom’s escapades for weeks before the album was announced, and are eagerly anticipating the Chronomonaut release. The gorgeous digipak design incorporates Tom’s story and lyrics.

Steve Babb is joined by Susie Bogdanowicz, Aaron Raulston, and Fred Schendel. Guest appearances include Discipline’s Matthew Parmenter and Chris Herin.


01. Land Of Lost Content (1:55)
02. Roll For Initiative (7:43)
03. Twilight Of The Godz (8:10)
04. Past Is Past (9:57)
05. 1980 Something (5:51)
06. Hole In The Sky (4:46)
07. Clockwork (2:14)
08. Melancholy Holiday (4:25)
09. It Always Burns Sideways (5:45)
10. Blinding Light (6:01)
11. Tangerine Meme (2:59)
12. Fade Away (10:34)

Band Members
Fred Schendel
Steve Babb
Aaron Raulston
Susie Bogdanowicz

Symphonic Progressive Rock

Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

Record Label
Arion Records/Sound Resources

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Ryche Chlanda And Flying Dreams // New Music & Band Additions

About Ryche Chlanda And Flying Dreams

Called “one of the key trendsetters in the genre” by Ion Indie magazine, Ryche Chlanda and Flying Dreams have just released their initial eponymous LP with New York metro-based TransGlobal® records. TransGlobal® is distributed through Sony’s The Orchard. This hotly anticipated LP is available for streaming and downloading through virtually every major digital outlet in the world.

Guitarist/songwriter Ryche Chlanda (Fire Ballet, Renaissance, Nektar) stated that he is “ecstatic” over the new release. Bassist and co-producer Ron Bienstock (Another Pretty Face, The Suits, Blue East) that the Orchard was the “obvious choice,” noting that the Orchard was the premier distributor of its type and a natural home for this unique prog/jam band.

As an added bonus for fans, a newly recorded track, Disconnected, featuring new bandmate and keyboard wiz, Kendall Scott (Project Object), and Drummer, Jay Dittamo (Bucky Pizarelli to various Zappa Bands, amongst many others), is being released simultaneously with the LP.

1. Searching for Something Somewhere
2. Disillusion 1
3. I Don’t Belong
4. Disconnected
5. 2 Hearts Touch
6. Trilogy Ryche Chlanda and Flying Dream

Band Members
Ryche Chlanda – Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Ron Bienstock – Bass Guitar/Veillette 12 String
Kendall Scott – Keyboards/Electric Guitar
Jay Dittamo – Drums

Prog/Rock Jam

Record Label
TransGlobal® Records

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