New Artists’ Music Coming to the Station

Riversea is the first of three new artists to the station.

The idea for Riversea was first formed as a songwriting collaboration between Brendan Eyre and Marc Atkinson that started around the summer of 2006. Brendan, a keyboard orientated songwriter, gave Marc a CD copy of his 2005 solo album and the vocalist really liked what he heard. The duo both decided it would be interesting to see what would come out of a fusion of both their individual styles. As they both lived over an hours drive from each other houses, Brendan sent over his first instrumental idea on a CD to Marc during that time. At his studio in York Marc, an acoustic singer/songwriter added his melodies and lyrics to the composition. The resulting song, ‘Out of an Ancient World’, would eventually turn out to be the title track of the band’s debut album and also the album’s closer. With their first collaboration deemed a success by both of them, the duo set about exchanging CDs and ideas… All the songs on the album were written this way over a period of almost 5 years (along with quite a few more that didn’t quite ‘make the grade’). True to form, the last song the pair wrote together towards the end of 2010 became the album opener ‘In The Beginning…’

When it came to recording these songs with a full ‘band’ sound, the pair realized there were in a position to ask for help from some friends who also happened to be wonderful musicians. So, one by one and over the space of what turned out to be years, Bryan Josh (Mostly Autumn), Paul Cusick, Adrian Jones (Nine Stones Close), Ashley Mulford (Mandalaband), Mark Rowen (Breathing Space), Adam Dawson (Stolen Earth), Liam Davison (Mostly Autumn), Dave Clements (Kings of Queen), Janine Atkinson Benn (The Dark Flowers), Olivia Sparnenn (Mostly Autumn), Louise Dawson (The Wigglers) and Alex Cromarty (Heather Findlay Band) all recorded their parts and added their talents to the RIVERSEA sound. The album slowly but surely is coming to life…

The resulting debut album ‘Out of an Ancient World’ was released on the band’s own label in the Spring of 2012. Fast-forward to 2018 as Riversea return with a stunning sophomore release The Tide featuring twelve new songs.

Phideux is the second of two new artists to the station.

Phideaux started composing music in high school and performed in several bands: Sally Dick & Jane, Neck Tie Party, The SunMachine, and Satyricon.

Later, in 2002, Xavier started seriously mastering musical tracks. In 2003 he released his first CD with significant distribution, Fiendish. The year 2004 saw his second album Ghost Story, which was followed up quickly in 2005 by a third album, Chupacabras, and then a fourth album,313, in March 2006. His fifth and sixth albums, The Great Leap and Doomsday Afternoon (2007) are the first two albums of a planned trilogy. In 2009, he issued his seventh album, Number Seven. He had begun working on a related album called Seven and a 1/2, but this sequel was canceled in favor of an all-new album entitled Snowtorch, set for release in late 2010. However, the release date of this album was postponed until March 21, 2011.

He released a number of recordings on cassettes for his friends, and then in 1992, produced a small number of copies of a CD entitled “Friction”. Although it was not widely distributed, a few music reviewers were able to hear it.


Fiendish (2003)
Ghost Story (2004)
Chupacabras (2005)
313 (2006)
The Great Leap (2006)
Doomsday Afternoon (2007)
Number Seven (2009)
Snowtorch (2011)

Infernal is the upcoming ninth studio album by Phideaux, its said to be the third and final part of his projected “Trilogy” of albums dealing with “Big Brother” authoritarianism and ecological crisis, after Part One, “The Great Leap”, and Part Two, “Doomsday Afternoon”.

Flor de Loto is the third of three new artists to the station.

Flor de Loto is currently the most prominent prog rock new group in Peru: with a long history that begins in 2005 with the debut album “Flor de Loto”,


Flor De Loto ‎2005
Madre Tierra ‎2007
Mundos Bizarros 2009
Imperio De Cristal 2011
Volver A Nacer 2012
Nuevo Mesías 2014
Medusa 2015
Árbol De La Vida 2016

New album Eclipse due out in late summer of 2018


Get to know ~ Ben Craven


Ben Craven is a “cinematic progressive-rock singer-songwriter” from Brisbane, Australia.

He likes to make records.

Immersed as a toddler in the era of big prog rock, Craven taught himself guitar and keyboards and joined a series of bands. None of them made it and none of them remotely played the kind of music that had been burned into his mainframe as a kid.

Nonetheless, the songs he wrote accumulated steadily. In 2005, Craven dispensed entirely with the band approach and recorded his debut album, Two False Idols under the name of Tunisia. The result was a work of incredible maturity, with influences ranging from Pink Floyd and Brian Wilson to the likes of Bernard Herrmann and John Barry.

As Craven worked the album it became painfully obvious that the music business was in the midst of a sea change, and most of the old guard didn’t seem to realize they were the cause. Very quickly he took an anti-DRM stance and released the live acoustic EP Under Deconstruction as a high-quality free download.

Craven stepped up a gear for his sophomore album, Great & Terrible Potions. Delivering on the cinematic promise of Two False Idols, Potions went widescreen as Craven blurred the boundaries between conventional songs and orchestral soundtracks. Augmented by a stunning cover designed by legendary artist Roger Dean (Yes, Uriah Heep, Asia), Potions was dense, complicated and unashamedly pretentious – everything a good prog rock album should be! Or, to put it another way, Craven sounded exactly like someone reveling in the creative freedom that came only from not worrying about what others wanted, and delivering what he felt instead.

His 2016 album, Last Chance To Hear, was a stunning triumphant musical masterpiece of progressive rock. The grandness of the album suggested it was performed by a five or six-piece band. Craven explained, “In keeping with the idea of the album as an endangered species, the new album’s title is Last Chance To Hear. It’s another solo album in the true sense of the word where I play just about everything, like on Potions. The difference this time is a much greater portion has turned out to be instrumental. Not that I dislike vocals, but sometimes the music can be strong and emotional and moving enough to stand on its own without them.”

There was also a special appearance on the album by legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner, providing spoken-word vocals for the track Spy In The Sky Part 3!

Craven achieved a great accolade in 2016, winning the MusicOz Australian Independent Music Award for Best Instrumental, for the track Critical Mass Part 2.

Ben’s latest opus is the album THE SINGLE EDITS (2018).

THE SINGLE EDITS showcases Ben’s finest moments from his solo output, both rock vocals, and rock instrumentals, compiled and re-imagined as single edits. A good bet for radio as Ben takes his greatest moments and edits them timewise into bite-sized chunks of sonic majesty. Although a 24-bit, 96kHz lossless download was released in late 2017, in early 2018 a special edition of THE SINGLE EDITS is available on compact disc, complete with folder artwork and multi-page booklet.

Here’s what the press raved about Ben Craven’s previous release:

“Heavy-duty prog rock monster”
– Anil Prasad, Innerviews

“Cracking virtuoso performance by an absurdly talented individual”
– Classic Rock Society

“Craven’s one-man-band production is a prog opus for the 21st century”
– Musoscribe

“All the drama, thunder, strum, and drang you could want the spiritual grandchild of Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson to bring”
– Midwest Record

“Craven’s tremendous ability to combine memorable hooks with complex progressive rock and cinematic orchestral music is astounding”
– Sea Of Tranquility

“Press play and this album does the rest”
– Muzikreviews

“Seriously well-distilled and blended”
– Van Dyke Parks

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Get to know ~ SL Theory

Short Bio

Eight years after drummer Sotiris Lagonikas (What’s The Buzz? / Double Treat) musical project SL Theory started, followed by the release of debut album titled “SL Theory – I”, SL Theory have grown to a 10- member band, with the addition of Mike Karasoulis (Dakrya / Double Treat) on lead vocals, Alex Flouros (Seduce The Heaven / Fragile Vastness / What’s The Buzz?) and Giannis Nigdelis (Double Treat) on the guitars, Manos Gavalas(Sound Of Silence / Airged Lamh / Noely Rayn) on keyboards, Chris Kollias (Seduce The Heaven / Persona Non Grata) on bass guitar, as well as Christina Alexiou, Alexandros Louziotis, Kandia Bouzioti and Margarita Papadimitriou on backing vocals.

The extended heavy prog band, along with a classical string orchestra conducted by Maestro Yiannis Antonopoulos, presented, recorded and filmed live in Athens on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 at Passport Keramikos, the complete album of Sotiris Lagonikas, titled “Progressively Dark” (2012), as well as songs out of the albums “SL Theory – I” (2009) and “Different Space Different Time” (2014) and a few brand new, unreleased songs written by G.Nigdelis/S.Lagonikas, in a unique dark-prog and heavy rock audio-visual show that is scheduled for release in audio CD and DVD format in 2018.

Band Members

Sotiris Lagonikas: Drums
Mike Karasoulis: Lead Vocals
Alex Flouros: Guitars
Giannis Nigdelis: Guitars
Manos Gavalas: Keyboards
Chris Kollias: Bass Guitar
Christina Alexiou: Backing Vocals
Alexandros Louziotis: Backing Vocals
Kandia Bouzioti: Backing Vocals
Margarita Papadimitriou: Backing Vocals


| Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube |


Progressively Dark A concert for a Group & String Orchestra (Coming in 2018) CD, DVD & Digital 
Different Space, Different Time (2014)
I (2010) 

Get to know ~ AeonSatori

AeonSatori is a Progressive Rock band that captures this universality of spirit in euphoric visionary performances by a versatile family trio of music composers and performers Tyler, Jon and Jeff Timpe.

AeonSatori’s broad selection of recorded materials is a testament to their diversified styles and artistic interests.

“If you are ready for an experience that transcends beyond the limits of a closed loop, come join us as we travel the Vertical Axis to wonder beyond measure.” – AeonSator

Band Members
Jeff Timpe – Bass, Vocals, Keys
Jon Timpe – EWI Guitar Leads, Keys, Vocals, Orchestration
Tyler Timpe – Drums, Vocals, additional Guitars

Antelope Valley CA

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Get to know Forever Twelve

 Forever Twelve is a progressive rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA who have made some inroads in the ever-growing genre of prog. Playing festivals such as Prog West and Baja Prog as well as many local venues they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Rocket Scientists and Mars Hollow.

John Baker has received favorable reviews from both journalists and fans alike for his unique voice – often likened to Geddy Lee (Rush), Jon Anderson (Yes), Burke Shelley (Budgie) and for his melodies and lyrics. Baker’s songs have also been picked up by publishers and performers around the world, including Kristi Yamaguchi. Baker has also performed and toured internationally with Mars Hollow, The Little Girls, and Harvey Sid Fisher, as well as lead vocalist for progressive rock band 2KX. He has also performed on many other artist’s releases, most recently Nikki Squire’s “Esquire.” John is also an award-winning audiobook engineer, which he has been doing for many years, and has also engineered, produced, mixed, and recorded many musical projects throughout his career.

Steve Barberic started taking music lessons when he was 8 years old, studying classical and jazz on both piano and Hammond organ. At 12 years old, he discovered and became a fan of ELP, Genesis and Yes. At 18, he started playing in various bands and began writing original music. During college, he played with various other musicians and continued his progressive rock journey. In 1993 after answering a classified ad, he formed Forever Twelve with a guitarist and bassist.

Tom Graham grew up playing in bands in his native Kansas before moving to California to pursue music. After exploring many genres, he settled-in with Forever Twelve, and progressive rock.

Fernando Martinez became interested in playing drums as a teenager, inspired by Yes, Genesis, ELP, King Crimson and other progressive rock pioneers. Adding the influences of rock music and jazz, Martinez developed his own unique style. He has played and recorded with many musicians throughout the years.

Los Angeles, CA

Style of Music
Classic Symphonic Progressive Rock

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Home (2017)
Taking Forever (2010)
Spark of Light (2004)
Remembrance Branch (2002)