New Music & Band Additions

Artist: Big Big Train
Album: Merchants Of Light (2018)
Label: Plane Groovy Records

Bass Guitar, Bass [Bass Pedals] – Greg Spawton
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Nick D’Virgilio
Euphonium – John Storey (3)
French Horn – Nick Stones (2)
Graphics [Graphic Design] – Steve Vantsis
Guitar [Guitars] – Dave Gregory
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals – Rikard Sjöblom
Keyboards – Danny Manners
Keyboards, Guitar – Andy Poole
Trombone – Dave Desmond (2)
Trumpet – Ben Godfrey (2)
Tuba – Jon Truscott*
Violin, Vocals – Rachel Hall (3)
Vocals, Flute, Percussion – David Longdon
Mixed By – Rob AubreyPhotography By – Michael Heller, Neil Palfreyman, Simon Hogg (2), Willem Klopper
Technician – Niall Hayden, Ryan Samuel Bentley
Trombone – Dave Desmond (2)
Trumpet – Ben Godfrey (2)
Tuba – Jon Truscott*
Violin, Vocals – Rachel Hall (3)
Vocals, Flute, Percussion – David Longdon

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Artist: Brett Kull
Album Open Skies Exploding (2018)
Label: Self Released

These songs are extra tracks written during the period of Open Skies Exploding (March 2015 to December 2016) that were not fully completed till now – January 2018

Thanks to Chris Buzby, Jordan Perlson, Adam Beck, and Jim Hines for their contributions. Thank you, Bill Schwartz, for finding a nice unused photograph from the OSE photo shoot. Special Thanks to Dwayne Klessel for letting me borrow his Mellotron M4000

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Artist: Jack Potter
Album: Pride Before The Fall (2018)
Label: Self Released

Vocalists: Track 1 Coz Orphanides, Track 2, 4, 7 Blake Carpenter
Track 5 Salley Elsey Track 6 John Blangero
Track 3 Instrumental
Bass and 12 string electric guitar: Stephen Speelman
Elec Guitars: Colin Tench, Craig Clark, Stephen Speelman
Keyboards: Andreas Diemann, Jack Potter
Drums: Jack Potter

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Artist: Overture
Album: Overture (2018)
Label: Melodic Revolution Records

Luigi Ventroni – Lead Voice
Simone Desogus – Drums, Percussion, Back Vocals
Simone Meli – Keyboards, Back Vocals
Samuele Desogus – Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Stefano Sanna – Bass, Fretless, Synth Bass, Contrabass
Fiorella Piras – Flute, Back Vocals

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Artist: Robert Evan Schindler
Album: Robeone (2018)
Label: Transglobal

Robert Evan Schlinder

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New Band & Music Additions 

Melodic Revolution Radio is proud to welcome Kyros, Sheverb, Southern Empire, The Hypersonic Factor to our station and we are thrilled to add their latest releases to our station’s playlist.

Kyros offers an inventive sound that draws on influences ranging from Depeche Mode and Kate Bush through to modern Post-Progressive and alternative rock music such as Muse and Porcupine Tree.
In addition to its two studio albums, Kyros has performed a number of high profile shows ranging from festival dates in UK, Germany, and the USA to support for the likes of Marillion, Anathema, BigElf, Spock’s Beard and IQ.

Adam Warne – Vocals, Synthesisers/Keyboards, things that go bleep
Robin Johnson – Drums, Percussion
Peter Episcopo – Bass, Backing Vocals
Joey Frevola – Guitar, Jaw Harp, Kazoo
Sam Higgins – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Bad Puns

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Sheverb is a psychedelic, spaghetti western-infused rock & roll band from Austin, TX. More than just a band, we’re a collection of wild souls with a whole lot of love for each other, and we’re finding salvation in music together.

Betty Benedetti – Guitar
Xina Ocasio – Drums
Fern Rojas – Guitar
James Mescall – Trumpet/flute

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Southern Empire is Australia’s newest, most exciting progressive rock band. Formed by Sean Timms after the disbanding of Unitopia, Southern Empire will astound the listener with great songs, amazing musicianship and a harder, more edgy sound perfectly suited to today’s generation. For those who enjoy Dream Theater, Transatlantic, and Porcupine Tree, this is the band you’ve been waiting for, featuring the cream of Australian talent.

Southern Empire
Danny Lopresto – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Cam Blokland – Guitar/Vocals
Brody Green – Drums/Vocals
Jez Martin – Bass/Vocals
Sean Timms – Keyboards/Vocals/Saxophone

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Danny Handler – Drums
Mirko Borach – Bass
Jason Rubenstein – Piano, Synthesizers, Samplers
Dan van den Berg – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Samplers

Recorded in San Francisco, Rotterdam, Dinslaken, Austin

Recorded 2017-2018
Producers: Jason Rubenstein, Dan van den Berg, Mirko Borach, Danny Handler
Mixing and mastering: Jason Rubenstein, Danny Handler
copyright 2018
Danny Handler proudly endorses Vic Firth and Aquarian Drumheads.

New Music by Ember Swift, Soul Doubt, and The Mourning

Melodic Revolution Radio is proud to welcome Ember Swift, Soul Doubt, and The Mourning, and are thrilled to add their latest releases to our playlist.

Sticks & Stones, the 12th and most recent album in Ember Swift’s discography, is a collection of eclectic songs that fall into three categories: “Songs for Adults” (8 songs); Songs for Kids (5 songs); and the humorous and under-serviced category “Songs for Adults with Kids” (3 songs). Styles range from folk to jazz to R&B to country. There’s electronic and calypso and rock in there too. As usual with Ember Swift’s music, this album is a diverse range of styles taking the listener on a colorful musical journey.

Canadian artist Ember Swift is an internationally touring musician, songwriter, and founder of the independent label Few’ll Ignite Sound. Originally from Toronto, she has spent the past few years making her home in the magnetic city of Beijing, China. In other words, this is where she lands in between touring Canada, the US, Australia, New Caledonia (French island in the Pacific) and, China.

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New concept album: The Dance of Light and Shade “…in the eternal dance of shade and light, live beyond me…”

“Please daddy, don’t go…” A desperate cry in the night. Jake strongly holds an old radio on his chest: it’s battered and it usually croaks incomprehensible crunches, but sometimes, that noise caresses Jake’s ears with his father voice, Mr. Doubt.

Crossed by shadows, man is an insensitive puppet. The Shade controls people’s mind in a worldwide reality show.

Mr. Doubt and Faith, his wife, dream about a new flow to escape from this dystopian existence, but their wishes wreck with their lives.

Now they live as Aeons, spirits that could guide our steps in the night, hearing our whispers, caressing our skin when we sleep, someone could call them angels.

The Doubt and the Faith, the Light and the Shade: two sides of the same whirling, crazy coin.

“…in the eternal dance of shade and light, don’t lose hope…” A few words from that old radio. Jake knows. He must fight rampant apathy. Humanity has forgotten humanity. The Shade is covering the Light. Jake’s messianic path leads to revelation, to the truth.

Switch off your phone and listen…

Soul Doubt
Marco Ciancaglini: lead vocals & choirs
Federico Benini: bass
Nicola Casamenti: lead guitars
Marco Calbi: guitars
Alessandro D’Altri: drums
Davide Lavia: keyboards

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This album was composed by Johnny Ray (except for remix), produced and mixed by David Alex at Foxbloom Recordings, mastered by Jeramie Kling. Guest Vocals by Cassandra Calo, Eliana Blanchard, Megan Yarbrough, Christian and Daniel Zambrotto. Saxophone by Eric Mullins, Christian Cruz for Guest Guitars and Kevin Adair for session guitars. in Edge of Time. Flute by Kyle Sareyani, album art by Severin Jowers.

Johnny would like to thank everyone who took part in this album, his wife and Kids for putting up with all the noise in the house, and most of all Jesus for the Inspiration and Faith!

The Mourning is:
Johnny Ray – Vocals/Keys
Spence Howard – Bass
Jason Berlin – Drums
John Richardson – Keys
Thomas Griggs – Guitars

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New Music by Church of the Cosmic Soul, Heavy Moon, Jack and the Jukebox, The Kintish Spires & Mystery

We are thrilled to add the following new releases to our playlist here at Melodic Revolution Radio

Church of the Cosmic Skull are not only one of the most exciting rock bands in the world today, but also an ever-growing spiritual organization, spreading the light of the Cosmic Rainbow across this planet and beyond.

The Church released their second studio album ‘Science Fiction’ in May 2018 on limited edition heavyweight vinyl, CD (Kozmik-Artifactz), and limited edition cassette (Septaphonic).
Described as ‘Occult Pop’ for fans of ELO, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac and Queen, the 9 track record from the Nottingham based ‘spiritual organisation’ sees an expansion on the prog/psych / retro stylings and hook-heavy songwriting of the critically acclaimed debut ‘Is Satan Real?’ (2016 Bilocation Records. “★★★★” – MOJO). Piano and vintage synths have been introduced alongside the Hammond organ, electric cello, and six-part vocal harmonies, resulting in a sound that truly ‘puts the ABBA in Sabbath’.

Bill Fisher – Guitar & Vocals
Michael Wetherburn – Hammond Organ & Vocals
Amy Nicholson – Electric Cello & Vocals
Loz Stone – Drums

Sam Lloyd – Bass & Vocals
Jo Joyce – Vocals
Caroline Cawley – Vocals

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Heavy Moon’s proggiest and foggiest release to date. Thirteen trips through acid-fuzzed desert doom guitars, elfin flutes, acoustic daydreams, mellow mellotrons, cosmic synths and eastern visions.
Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jakob Rehlinger at AUX13, New Toronto, February – June 2018

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NY Art Rockers Jack and the Jukebox are working on the follow up to The Mirage, All original music, Art Rock that people actually embrace enthusiastically, variously described as ‘Old Genesis, but with a punch” A mashup of Neoclassical with Cabaret, thundering drums, and a voice like Jeff Buckley… Utterly unique but cited by on fan as a reason to get off the couch…

Timothy B. Parker – Keyboard, Synthesizer, Congas
Jackalico – Bass Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Aaron William – Drums/ Thunder

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The Kentish Spires collectively bring a vast wealth of musical experience – weaving woodwind and reed instruments over a solid foundation of guitar, bass, and drums – with era-appropriate synths and powerful female

Recorded using techniques sympathetic to the 1970s Canterbury-style Progressive Rock sound.
The Kentish Spires collectively bring a vast wealth of musical experience – weaving woodwind and reed instruments over beautifully crafted songs with the stunning eccentric English vocals of Lucie V.

All songs composed by Chang/Hornsby/Loveridge/Robinson/Vowles/Warren

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MYSTERY is a cutting-edge progressive rock band from Montreal Quebec. After 9 albums released, the Canadian group has become one of the most popular and respected Progressive Rock Band in the world

Michel St-Pere, Jean Pageau, Jean-Sebastien Goyette, Benoit Dupuis, Francois Fournier, Sylvain Moineau

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New Albums by Aaron English, Pinnacle and the latest release by Poets of the Fall

We are thrilled to add the following new releases to our playlist here at Melodic Revolution Radio

A globe-trotting album of piano, world beat grooves, & Aaron’s earthy vocals. Written & recorded during his concert tours and charity projects on three different continents.

Aaron English – Songs from Somewhere Else

Produced by Don Gunn, Aaron English, Mark Fauver, Patrick Strole & Xiren
Recorded by Don Gunn, Aaron English, Mark Fauver, Miguel Mateus, Krushal Okong’o, Curtis Chandler, Xiren, Harmen Oudega, Ed Harrington, Todd Howard & Betsy Tinney

Mixed by Don Gunn
Mastered by Justin Perkins for Mystery Room Mastering

Album art: Shawn Michael McIntyre
Graphic Design: Xiren
Catering: Jules Klassen

All songs published by eronisongs (ASCAP) except Coming of Age in Hard Times published by Lagartija Music (BMI) & eronisongs (ASCAP), Kothbiro published by EMI Virgin Songs (BMI), & Praying for Time published by Warner Chappell Music (ASCAP)

The band’s fourth album, six years in the making.

Pinnacle – To Whoever You Are Now

Karl Eisenhart: Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals
Bill Fox: Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Mandolin, Moog
Matt Francisco: Lead and Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Greg Jones: Drums
Ray Weston: Lead Vocals on “Words.”

Mastered by Brett Kull.
Cover art by Man in the Mountain.

Clearview is the seventh studio album by Finnish Cinematic Rock band Poets of the Fall

Band Members
Marko Saaresto: Vocals
Olli Tukiainen: Guitar
Markus Captain Kaarlonen: Keyboards & Production
Jaska Mäkinen: Guitar
Jani Snellman: Bass
Jari Salminen: Drums