Melodic Revolution Records brings you six radio stations that are formatted much like 70’s FM Radio. It’s all about the diversity of music, not some formula made up by executives for profit that are clueless as to what music represents.

Originally launched back in December 2017 with only one station that ran through mid-2019, designed to play and promote Melodic Revolution Records, and PeacockSunrise Records artists while mixing in other great independent music. Due to problems with a previous service provider, we closed down temporarily.

The good news is we are back even stronger than before. Melodic Revolution Radio aka mrradio has returned to the airwaves after a one-year hiatus, not only are we are back… but we are back better than ever, with a whole new look but also six all-new stations.

This could not have happened without our newfound partnership with California-based 113 FM, a premier, global online radio provider broadcasting a variety of internet radio channels covering various music genres, periods, and styles.

No costly monthly subscription is needed, our broadcasts are always 100% free and available online 24/7. Listen to us online through any of our channels or mobile app for iOS and Android.

We support artists through membership with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange through agreements with streaming partners.