Channel Description: Melodic Revolution Radio was launched in 2018 to promote music by Florida-based independent record label Melodic Revolution. At the beginning of 2022, this channel morphed into XMRR a genre-free channel dedicated to showcasing not just Melodic Revolution artists, but popular and emerging artists from all over the world. XMRR features a wide variety of styles that have a great groove, think 70 FM radio with a modern twist.

Channel Genre:  Rock, Pop, Blues, Americana, Hard Rock, Jazz, Southern Rock, Country, and more.​

Channel Availability:  Amazon Alexa, Icecast, MyTuner Radio, WinAmp/Shoutcast, ShoutRadios, and VLC.​

Direct Stream Link used for programming your Barix Streamer, Internet Radio Compatible Receiver, or Sonos Wireless Speakers:​